Below is the layout of the Swap meet and Tournament area. The Area grayed out is being used or already rented. The Booths rent out for $100 dollars each for 3 days. Booths are being rented on a first come basis. For more rental information or a vendor application contact Alex,

All exhibitors are responsible for transporting their own display items to the site. K & K Amusement or Special When Lit Amusements cannot be responsible for any freight shipped to the exhibit hall. If you plan to ship anything via common carrier/truck, please contact Alex at or directly at 231-519-4514 for information. K&K Amusement, Special When Lit Amusements and its staff CAN NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY THEFT, DAMAGE, ETC., TO ANY OF THE EXHIBITS. It is recommended that exhibitors remain in or near their booth whenever possible.

Upon arrival, you will receive your booth assignment and any tables you had requested. K & K Amusement and Special When Lit Amusements cannot supply tools or other items for exhibit hall use, so please bring any equipment necessary to properly transport and assemble your display.