Auction Info

#1. The auction will start at 3:00 sharp on Saturday, all items need to be registered and in the roped off area by 2:00pm. Saturday morning, sorry no exceptions, Pinball and arcade games are permitted, along with Backglasses and Playfields. No other parts, boards, etc…will be allowed.

#2. There will be a roped off area just for the auction items to be sold. Sellers can start putting their items to be sold in the roped off area between the time the doors open and 2:00pm. ALL items will need to be placed into the auction area prior to the sale starting unless special arrangements have been made ahead of time.

#3 EVERYTHING that is to be auctioned off will be written down on a notepad by the auction staff. Each item will have a ticket with a number that’s associated with that item and will be recorded on the notepad along with the sellers name and phone number.

#4 Each item will get a sticker attached to it showing it’s ticket number when it’s brought into the roped off area. Once the item is sold it will also have the final bid hammer price written on it to show how much the buyer owes the seller. This should avoid any confusion at the time the money changes hands.

#5 Once the item is sold to the highest bidder the auction staff will hand off the matching ticket that has the same number on it to the buyer.

#6 Once the buyer and seller have completed their transaction in CASH then the seller hands over his ticket to the buyer so the buyer now has both tickets. This shows proof to the auction staff attending to the roped off area that the item is paid for. If the buyer only has one ticket we have to assume that the item has not been paid for and we can only release the item if the seller is there and can provide identification that he is who he says he is according to the name that was written down on the notepad and agrees that the item was paid for. Any item left in the roped off area and not payed for after one hour from the auction ending will no longer be the responsibility of the auction staff. PLEASE pick up and pay for your items ASAP as we’d like to have time to enjoy the rest of the show.

#7 All items must be paid in full and taken out of the roped off area within one hour of the auction ending. If special circumstances arise contact auction staff. No item is removed without the buyer showing proof of that item being paid for by showing us BOTH ticket stubs that have the same identical matching numbers, and matching the number on the sticker. NO EXCEPTIONS.

#8 If the seller wishes to place a reserve on each item this amount needs to be disclosed to the auction staff at the time the item is placed into the roped off area. If the seller decides that the final bid is close enough to his reserve he may sell it for that but it must go thru the auction while it is in the roped off area….this way no item can leave without both tickets in the buyers hand. Once a item has left the roped off area the auction staff is not responsible for any items.

#9 All items need to be paid for in CASH only. Sorry credit cards, personal checks, etc…cannot be taken as a form of payment. Please be prepared to hand over your money for full payment on all the items you win. Again, NO EXCEPTIONS !!

#10 No fees of any kind will be collected from the buyer or the seller. The auctioneer and all people helping with the show/auction are eligible to bid on any items but will not take payments of any kind for this auction service. We’re trying to make this fair and fun for everyone.

#11 All postings of these rules are subject to change at any time by the auction staff during the auction. Announcements made prior to the auction take precedence over any written material. The auctioneer has final say.

#12 All games will be plugged in and tested prior to being sold unless it is determined it is not safe to do so by the auction staff.

#13 Minimum bid on all items will be in $5 increments and is at the auctioneer’s discretion to change the increments at any time. Bids of $1 will not be accepted unless it’s approved by the auctioneer.